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Over the past several months, we’ve seen wave after wave of wearable Sailor Moon merchandise, from accessories to lingerie to even bibs. But what about the other colossal ‘90s anime hit featuring combat-ready adolescents, Evangleion? Is there no new way to dress yourself in a way that shows your love for the franchise that ping pongs back and forth between scenes of its 14-year-old protagonists battling horrific aliens and coming to grips with the sexual confusion and frustration of puberty?

Why yes there is, and you can keep yourself warm at the same time with this crazy zip-up Evangelion hoodie.

Among the many mysteries in Eva, none are more nebulous than the identities of the member of SEELE, the shadowy organization in charge of the subservient shadowy organization NERV, to which the franchise’s main characters belong. SEELE is so secretive that its governors don’t even show themselves to each other during meetings, instead appearing as black monoliths with their two-digit code number and the notation “SOUND ONLY.”

▼ Unanswered Evangelion Question #783: Why doesn’t SEELE just have phone conferences?

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But SEELE’s perplexing protocol is the fashionable anime fan’s gain, as its monoliths serve as inspiration for this new hoodie from anime apparel and merchandise producer Cospa.

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Just slip the sweatshirt on, flip up the hood, and pull the zipper as far as it’ll go. Now you’re all set to converse with your fellow coconspirators on the best way to harness the latent power of space aliens to transform every man, woman, and child on the planet into Tang. At least that’s what we think SEELE’s goal was (concrete answers have never really been the Evangelion franchise’s thing).

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The SEELE hoodie sells for 7,350 yen (US $73.50) on Cospa’s website, and can be purchased in medium, large, or extra large sizes. The only available color is black, of course.

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