One of the weird, fascinating things about Japan that makes many foreigners giggle is the presence of so-called “love hotels.” In many Japanese cities, you and your lover can rent a hotel room for either a few hours of fun (less expensive) or overnight for  a whole lotta fun (more expensive). Often, love hotels will have a particular theme in decor throughout the building, which may even vary room to room. To get an idea of just how crazy the decorations can be, check out this photos collection of some of the most outrageous love hotel rooms Japan has to offer.

If you’re curious to learn more about the differences between a typical hotel room and a love hotel room, however, YouTuber Sharla in Japan has uploaded a video documenting her stay at a love hotel with a friend. Sharla wants everyone to know that you don’t have to go to a love hotel with your significant other or for clandestine nooky; it can be just as fun to go with your pal or use the places as a cheaper accommodation alternative! Hear more about what Sharla has to say and watch her fun video after the jump!

Sharla is a petite, charismatic Canadian girl who currently attending a Japanese university. She has uploaded an impressive number of videos detailing her experiences living in Japan, including her hilarious video introducing Japanese “egg” ice cream that comes in condom-like packaging and when opened spurts out like, well, it might be easier if you just watch the video for yourselves….

In her video “LOVE hotels in Japan ♥ We tried going to a love hotel!”, one of the first things that Sharla mentions is that it’s OK to stay at a love hotel with your (platonic) friends, or if you just need a place to stay for a night in Tokyo. In fact, you may even enjoy it more, because sometimes there are perks at love hotels that you can’t find in regular hotels! Sure, there may be a couple of horny twenty-somethings annoyed that all the rooms have been taken, but you’re on a budget so fair’s fair!

Without giving too much away, here are a few screenshots from her video clip:


▼Fancy exterior of the hotel


▼Sharla and her pal: “Let’s go on a love hotel adventure!”


▼All Japanese hotels have a large amount of freebies, such as these cosmetics for men and women.


“They’re like song lyrics! LOL.” Do these chopsticks put you in the mood for love?


▼Jacuzzi “mood lighting!” “You won’t find something like this at a regular hotel.”


And here’s the full 5 ½-minute video!

Be sure to check out Sharla’s other intriguing videos under headings such as “Crazy Japanese snack time,” “Sightseeing/Exploring around Japan,” and “Japanese Culture!”

Source/Images: YouTube