With record snowfall this weekend, not many people were keen to get out of their houses to do anything but buy emergency supplies and make snowmen. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no money to be made–after all, crappy weather is the perfect time to order a pizza, isn’t it? Really, is there anything better than curling up under the kotatsu with a giant steamy pizza, some hot chocolate, and a few DVDs from Tsutaya?

Well, unless you’re the delivery driver, I suppose. Then you might have a very different take on the matter, as one Japanese Twitter user pointed out.


I imagine there are some people who order delivery like pizza on rainy or snowy days. In my previous experience as a part-time delivery worker, on days like that people would often tell the delivery driver something like, “Thank you for coming in this snow! You can keep the change.” And I was so mentally sick that I couldn’t help but think, “Then why did you order it in the first place, you dick!”

Having gotten well over 5,300 retweets, it’s obvious that this message struck a nerve with some Japanese folks. Primarily delivery drivers, we imagine! It’s hard not to have some sympathy for Yuuyah’s position–it’s a bit like smacking someone in the face and then apologizing for it. On the other hand, isn’t that kind of the point of ordering delivery?

▼What? You want your pizza? Well, screw you! It’s way too sunny for that!


Japanese commenters, though, had zero sympathy.

It’s just a part-time job, so you might think like that, but isn’t that the time that delivery is the most profitable?

Delivery is a service geared towards people who think cooking and shopping are just a pain in the ass. So, thinking “Don’t bother me in bad weather!” is kind of getting everything backwards! Just try not to get so wound up about, okay?

If you hate it so much, just don’t go to work!

By the way, I got a flier for pizza in the mail today. Should I take it to mean that they want me to put in an order on snowy days?

It’s fine if you think this, but if you’re so upset you feel compelled to write about it, don’t work there! (;^ω^)

They’re paying all that money because they don’t want to go outside. Get back to work, you idiot!

Guys, he was just thinking this at his old job, and he’s not really complaining about his job now, so you can all just chill out.

As someone who worked in the food service industry for a little bit, I have to say that it was common to hear workers complaining–bitterly and excessively–about customers. Nothing helps you get through a 13-hour day chopping onions like whining!

Seriously though, we hope everyone stays safe out there in the snow. Especially the poor delivery guys!

Source: Jin115
Images: Twitter, Jin115, Yabba Shigoto