Right now there’s no anime series with a wider fan base than Attack on Titan, and while that mainstream appeal has translated into merchandising such as fashion accessories and giant hamburgers, the truest testimony to the fans’ love for an animated series is cosplay of its prominent characters.

Japan’s pet owners can be just as passionate as its anime fans, though, and are just as enthusiastic about dressing their pooches up in eye-catching outfits. So perhaps it was only a matter of time until we saw Pomeranian Attack on Titan cosplay.

This inevitable crossover comes to us courtesy of Twitter user Miomio3030, who we’ll call Mio for short. In addition to the white Pomeranian seen here, the canine-crazed Mio also has a Labrador retriever and a collie.

So far, though, only the Pomeranian, named Mofureruto, has gotten a set of Attack on Titan duds in the form of the series’ distinctive green cape worn by the heroic Scout Corps, festooned with the group’s insignia, the Wings of Freedom.

Not only is the cape handmade by Mio herself, the talented owner also put together the 3-D maneuver gear strapped to the pooch’s haunches.

Mio recently tweeted that she’d taken her gallant canine companion on a recon mission outside the protective walls they usually reside in. Although the pair were unable to capture any Titans, Mofureruto’s resolve to defeat the menacing giants remains unshaken, as we can see in the above tweet’s photo of him parroting Attack on Titan protagonist Eren’s vow to kill every last one of them. (and he’s gonna look so cute doing it, too).

Source: Togech