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As someone who generally judges the value of animals based on their flavor, I tend to stay out of the whole cats vs. dogs argument that pet lovers so often engage in. If, for some reason though, you told me that my life depended on picking one or the other, I’d probably say I’d prefer a pooch, and then ask what kind of oddly specific sorcery you’d placed me under that cursed me to die if I didn’t choose between the world’s two most popular pets.

When you come home, you can expect your dog to run to the door, wag his tale, and slobber all over you. While I can’t say I really see the appeal of that last one, I can understand that it’s nice to have a pet that gives you a reaction when you come through the door, which is totally unlike the aloof reaction that’s so much more common in cats.

Except, of course, if you’re talking about this friendly feline.

YouTube user inthelife recently returned home after being away for three days. Before she left, she made sure that her pet cat Moo had plenty of supplies to make it through her absence, and sure enough, when she arrived home, the cat hadn’t even gone through half of the food she’d put out for it.

Still, it takes more than a full stomach to find happiness in life (this is one of the many reasons you don’t see people using their vacation time to take a second honeymoon with a bag of potato chips), and it looks like poor Moo was more than a little lonely while her owner was away, as shown by her overjoyed reaction as soon as she steps into the entryway.

▼ Is that…?

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▼ Could it be…?!

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▼ It is!

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▼ You’re back!!

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We’ve got no idea why inthelife had to go away, but what we do now is that if we got a greeting like that after being gone for 72 hours, the very first thing we’d do is step right back out the door and start the countdown for all that affection right over again.

Source, images: YouTube