As the end of the week closes in, it’s time to slow things down a bit and unwind. It’s been raining in Tokyo for the past couple of days, and we all know what cool, rainy weather does to us, right? It makes us feel oh so sleepy… like these fluffy… real-life Pikachus…

W-what? Did I just say Pikachu? I mean, Viscacha! Just look at them dozing off on the rocks!

If you’ve ever wished Pikachu were a real animal, viscachas are probably your best bet, what with their long ears, rounded body and long tail! They may look like rabbits, but viscachas are in fact relatives of chinchillas (rodents) despite their long upright ears. Some of these amazing fluffy creatures live in large colonies, residing in the mountains and plains of Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Let’s take a look at these adorable little guys:

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Viscachas are said to be very vocal animals that call out to their counterparts, alerting them of danger. Unfortunately, none of our journalists could speak with a viscacha, so we were unable to interview one and find why they look so sleepy all the time.

Don’t you just wanna cuddle up and nap with them? Have a relaxing weekend, Rocketeers!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: LiveBest, Cute Overload