Sanrio aims to break this stereotype with the introduction of the HELLO KITTY MEN Project, a new venture that will tell guys that it’s okay for them to like Hello Kitty, too. Their tag line? “Sorry to keep you waiting, boys.”

The first phase of the project will launch on September 10 with an exhibit at department store Hankyu Men’s Tokyo called “HELLO KITTY MEN meets HANKYU MEN’S TOKYO,” featuring t-shirts by design company Nendo, and graphic designers Mina Tabei and design studio OUWN‘s Atsushi Ishiguro. The event will also have a talk by Hello Kitty original designer Yūko Shimizu. It will run until September 16.

Shoppers who spend more than 16,200 yen (about US$152) or more at Hanyku Men’s Tokyo will receive a special Hello Kitty Men card case.

Sources: Hachima Kikou via Cinema Today

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