Hello Kitty SD Card

Where won’t Hello Kitty go? She’s already been in a hotel suite, on the side of an overpriced melon, and even in someone’s eye. Now it appears she’ll be heading to the inside of your camera soon.

Toshiba just announced that they will begin selling a new version of their Hello Kitty SD card later this month and it appears that the packaging may be even cuter than the black and pink card itself.

Hello Kitty SD Card2

The Hello Kitty SDHC memory card features a pink plastic body with a black label. Ms. Kitty can be seen winking as her pink bow sits atop her (unseen) head. The design is only available in 8GB, but a 4GB version was sold earlier this year. It had the same pink plastic case, but featured a full-body picture of Hello Kitty in her classic blue overalls. The price for the 8GB Kitty card is still a mystery, but the 4GB one is selling for 2,100 yen (US$21) on Amazon Japan.

Hello Kitty Toshiba Memory card

The packaging for both of these adorable SD cards is almost too cute to throw away. We wouldn’t be surprised if some people actually kept the images of Hello Kitty instead of banishing them to the garbage can. But very few people need more than one memory card for their camera. This brings us to a very important question: Black and pink or classic Kitty?

Which version do you like the best?

Source: My Navi News
Images: Toshiba, Amazon Japan