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Back at the start of summer, our jaws dropped to the floor as we watched what might be the coolest commercial for Nissin Cup Noodle instant ramen ever, in which a man dressed in samurai armor travelled to Brazil and wowed the people of the World Cup host country with his amazing freestyle football skills.

The Japanese national team turned in a less than impressive performance in the contest, though, failing to advance past group play. Would the disappointment over his countrymen’s early exit lead the soccer samurai to retire?

Not at all, as his second video finds the samurai with a new set of armor, new, European surroundings, and now a group of adversaries: ninjas!

Freestyle footballer Kotaru Tokuda reprises his role as the wandering sports warrior, who now appears in Manchester with his lamellar painted in the crimson of local club Manchester United.

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As he shows of his impressive footwork around the city, we see one of the great things about soccer. Thanks to its worldwide appeal, at any spot on the planet, you’re probably not too far from others who share your love of the beautiful game, and the samurai quickly befriends a trio of Manchester residents.

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What’s not so beautiful, though, is when a group of ninjas show up and swipe the samurai’s ball, prompting him to give chase to fabled soccer stadium Old Trafford. Once he catches up to the black-clad bullies, though, he doesn’t get mad, he gets awesome.

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In the end, good triumphs over evil, as the samurai leaves no question as to who has the superior soccer skills. Now all we’re left wondering is where he’ll show up next.

Source: Japaaan
Images: YouTube