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One of the recurring themes in hit anime Fullmetal Alchemist is the law of Equivalent Exchange. The principal holds that protagonist Edward Elric can only use his magical abilities to create an item by first offering something else of equal value. For example, given a pile of scrap metal, he could instantly conjure a spear, or even a working radio.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to exactly duplicate Ed’s mystic powers in real life. There is a close substitute, though, as you can now exchange money for a set of awesome Fullmetal Alchemist accessories.

In creator Hiromu Arakawa’s fantasy epic, once Ed becomes a government-licensed State Alchemist, he’s given a silver pocket watch as a symbol of his lofty rank. Most of us don’t have the panache to rock a chained timepiece in our daily life, though, old-school fashionable as they may be. Realizing this, anime fashion company Super Groupies has appropriated the design of Ed’s watch for this necklace.

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Made of SV925 silver, the 12,800-yen (US $117) necklace has a vermillion Swarovski crystal reminiscent of the Philosopher’s Stone that Ed is searching the world for as the story begins. Inside, you’ll find a clock face and non-functional hands, plus the same fateful reminder found on the underside of the cover as in the anime.

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▼ The necklace comes packaged in a box resembling the thick tomes Ed pores over on his quest for knowledge.

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Ed’s not the only State Alchemist viewers meet, as he often shares heroic duties with ambitious strategist Colonel Roy Mustang. The officer’s cool looks, and cooler voice, have won the hearts of a brigade of fangirls who can now wear their devotion to Mustang on their figurative sleeves by wearing it on their literal wrists.

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Bearing the mark of the Flame Alchemist (Mustang’s alchemic nickname), the 1,980-yen ($18) bracelet’s band is in a shade of blue similar to that of the Amestris army uniform Mustang and his subordinates wear. Fitting for the enigmatic colonel, Super Groupies lists its material as simply “an alloy,” although the band is leather.

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We mentioned above that the Ed pendant is a good choice for those who aren’t brimming with panache. If you’ve got an overabundance of the stuff, on the other hand, this stole might be right up your alley.

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Styled after the traveler’s coat Ed is often dressed in, the acrylic stole features Ed’s personal seal, and comes with a pin bearing the same State Alchemist insignia as the pocket watch necklace.

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The back edge is also pre-formed into a hood.

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With a length of 185 centimeters (72.8 inches), it’s also long enough to be worn in a variety of ways.

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At 7,800 yen ($71), it’s not the cheapest bit of anime merchandise, but it does look like it’ll keep you warm as we head into the colder part of the year. Besides, compared to the obvious alternative way of making yourself feel like Fullmetal Alchemist’s double-amputee lead, hacking off two limbs and replacing them with super high-tech metallic prosthetics, the stole is definitely the less expensive, and drastic, way to go.

All three Fullmetal Alchemist items can be ordered through the Super Groupies website (here, here, and here). The stole is scheduled to ship in mid-November, the bracelet later that month, and the necklace in early January.

Source, images: Super Groupies (1, 2, 3, 4)