sailor moooooooon

The release of the reanimated Sailor Moon series has brought with it an influx of new and exciting merchandise, much to the joy of fans old and new alike. Jewelry, apparel, accessories… even pens that look like our beloved Scouts’ transformation wands.

But for those of you who were wishing to fight some evil by moonlight, you may be in for a bit of disappointment.

One Japanese Sailor Moon fan, who bought one of the novelty pens featured above, noticed what was written under the warning on the box it came in:

halationIt is not possible to attack your enemies with ‘Moon Princess Halation’.

And the sound of thousands of dreams being crushed was heard around the world.

“If they don’t write something like that, some crazy person will try to make a complaint that they weren’t able to attack their enemies,” one commenter noted. “It’s stupid, but it can’t be helped.”

Apparently, this is what is written for all the other non-Sailor Moon pens:

transformationDoes not enable you to transform.

So, while we may not be able to attack our enemies with the Sailor Moon pen, does this mean we can at least transform with it?

While the lucky pen-owner hasn’t confirmed the ability to transform into a Scout, I for one know my childhood self would have loved to have one of these pens when playing Sailor Moon with my friends, magical abilities or not. Surely a little imagination could pick up where the pen left off.

Fellow Moon fans, tell us – what is your favorite thing to have come from this revival?

Source/images: 2Channel
Feature image screenshot from Hamusoku