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As cool as the collection of magical items used by Sailor Moon are, you have to admit that most of them wouldn’t exactly be the most practical things in your daily life. For example, a tiara that transforms into a disc of monster-killing energy when you throw it? That’s handy if you’re an anime heroine, but what if you’re just an ordinary fan who’s not running into evil creatures at a pace of literally once a week?

So while your first reaction to the news that merchandiser Bandai’s new Rainbow Moon Chalice replica does not, in fact, transform you into a more powerful version of your preexisting alter ego, in the long run, you’ll probably appreciate the fact that it instead fills your room with a pleasing smell.

Originally known as the Holy Grail in the Japanese version of the Sailor Moon manga and anime, the enchanted cup was instead referred to as the Purity Chalice in English releases. It’s since been renamed once again, this time to Rainbow Moon Chalice, but it still looks just like it did in the third leg of the TV series, Sailor Moon S.

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Standing roughly 15 centimeters (5.9 inches) tall, the base is made with die-cast metal components, helping to give it the proper heft for an item of such significance to the franchise’s plot.

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The upper portion of the cup is decorated, front and back, with rhinestones in the image colors of Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune.

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Flip open the top, and inside you’ll find the Silver Crystal, which itself functions as a cover for a container of fragrance gel.

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The scent, called Serenity Bouquet, is said to be a mixture of “romantic floral and pure-hearted fruit” notes. According to Bandai, the included supply should hold its aroma for roughly one month.

▼ After that, it’s up to you whether you want to put in a replacement scent, or remove the Silver Crystal entirely and instead fill the Rainbow Moon Chalice with Sailor Moon tortilla chips.

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The Rainbow Moon Chalice sells for 5,184 yen (US$44) and can be ordered here directly from Bandai through the company’s Premium Bandai website, with delivery scheduled for next April.

Source: Livedoor
Top image: Premium Bandai
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