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Part of the appeal of cats is their air of sophistication. Compared to dogs, their simple-minded and eternal rivals, felines seem to exhibit a deeper appreciation of the finer things in life. Just like humans, they appear to understand the intrinsic value of gourmet food, luxurious surroundings, and, as this video shows, the most cultured pastime of all, whack-a-mole.

Unfortunately, despite what seems to be a latent love of the game, it’s kind of tough for cats to get their whack-a-mole fix. Not only are most arcade cabinets too big for them, they lack the opposable thumbs to properly grip the mallets.

▼ Plus, no matter how many dead birds they shove into the coin slot, the machine refuses to register any credits.

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So if you’re looking to give your kitty some mole-hating playtime, you’ll need to spend a minute crafting the equipment yourself. First, grab a cardboard box, flip it over, and cut some holes into the bottom. The video demonstration uses nine, but you can make more or less, depending on how alert and agile your cat is.

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Next, you’ll need to cut a semicircle out of one of the sides, large enough to fit your wrists and part of your forearms through. Oh, and while the woman in the video isn’t wearing any, you might want to slip on a pair of gloves if your cat still has its claws, since while the game plays more or less the same as arcade Whack-a-Mole, this non-mechanical version uses your fingertips as the targets.

Aside from putting a smile on your face, it’ll keep your cat active and entertained. Just make sure to let it win once in a while. Otherwise it’s likely to pick up on just where those “moles” are coming from, and realize it may as well just pounce on you directly.

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