Passengers say they’ve been trying to hold in their laughter after laying eyes on this unforgettable image.

A journey on a Japanese train can bring with it tales of kindness, furry passengers, and sometimes, unusual advertisements that you won’t be able to get out of your head. That’s exactly what’s happening to passengers on Tokyo’s trains at the moment, thanks to an ad for a nasal douche, or nose gargle, as it’s known in Japan.

The product is being recommended for hayfever sufferers, as a way to clear passageways and aid breathing during the springtime months. While nasal irrigation is well-known worldwide for improving sinus and nasal health, the practice is usually done in the privacy of one’s home, and not out on display for thousands of people to see on a public train.

▼ That’s why people like @gakkkin have been tweeting out images of this girl, as she dutifully demonstrates the correct way to use a nasal douche.

According to the ad, the Hana Noa “shower-type” nose gargle is a painless way to rinse out the nether regions of your nose, helping to ease annoying hayfever symptoms caused by pollen, allergens and house dust.

If the smile on this girl’s face is anything to go by, the act of flushing water in one nostril and out the other is one of pure enjoyment.

Here’s what Twitter users have been saying about the unusual ad:

“It was a challenge to stifle my laughter after seeing this on the Yamanote line train!”
“This made me laugh on the Sobu train line too!”
“Because it’s a beauty with flawless makeup, that dirty water coming out of her nose seems clean and beautiful.”
“Wow – that model worked hard for her money on that job!”
“Now that’s an ad with impact!”

If the success of an advertisement can be measured in terms of its memorability, then this ad has won in spades. Still, it’s pretty tame compared to some other types of Japanese ads like this one, which we definitely wouldn’t want to see on a train!

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@gakkkin