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The fashion and anime site Super Groupies supplies us yet again with stylish clothing and accessories, this time from the hit anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

When you get tired of hanging around people, nothing will relax you more than going home and changing into something more comfortable and just vegging out. Lelouch from Code Geass knows exactly how you want to kick back, with glorious black satin.

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Super Groupies will release a set of loungewear that is based on the Ashford Academy uniform that Lelouch wears in the show. On the lapels is the Ashford Academy logo, while the left sleeve is embroidered with a red Geass mark. Trimmed with gold piping and gold buttons, it is fit for a Britanian prince, even if he is an exiled one.

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Paired with matching black satin shorts, this set of loungewear for women is available for pre-order online until January 11 for 9,800 yen (US$80.40). And as a special gift, those who order it will also receive a special art print of Lelouch wearing a similar outfit.

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Super Groupies also has a set of fashion glasses that are based on the series as well. These non-prescription glasses are two-toned with black on the outside and red on the inside. Accented with the Geass mark on the left side, everyone will know which side of the rebellion your support.

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You can also pre-order these online for 5,800 yen ($47.60)—and the glasses come with the special bonus artwork as well. Don’t miss your chance to wear these stylish designs inspired by Lelouch from Code Geass. In fact, Lelouch compels you to buy them with all your power!

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Source: Kai-You
Images: Super Groupies, Kai-You