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Although Hello Kitty is its most recognizable icon, she’s not the only star in the Sanrio lineup of cute mascot characters. Pink-hooded rabbit My Melody also has a loyal fanbase since her debut in 1975, and starting this month, she’ll be getting her own cafe in Tokyo, complete with palate-pleasing pink parfaits, curry, and special My Melody merchandise you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The cafe is scheduled to open on March 19 at the Shibuya branch of department store Parco. Specifically, it’s part of Shibuya Parco Part 1’s revolving lineup of themed cafes which fall under its Shibuya Parco The Guest Cafe & Diner banner.

My Melody previously collaborated with the Sign cafe in Tokyo’s trendy Daikanyama neighborhood, but to celebrate her 40th anniversary, she’s back with a new lineup of pretty-in-pink dishes. She’s also brought along a friend, as a number of the food and beverage selections are modeled after good pal (and sheep) My Sweet Piano

▼ We were about to make a crack about My Sweet Piano’s bizarre name, but we can’t stay mad at anyone that cute.

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A glance at the menu tells us that diners are in for a treat, especially if they like pastel colors. Let’s start with a peek at the entrees. First, here’re the My Melody chicken curry and My Sweet Piano vegetable curry, both 1,280 yen (US$11) and served with shrimp chips and salad

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You might not be able to guess by looking at it, but that’s the 1,280-yen My Melody Pizza Plate on the left, featuring a heavy topping of shrimp and tomato cream sauce. On the right is the eggs Benedict, which justify their 1,730 yen price with the inclusion of smoked bacon, swordfish, and the fact that you get to take that mug home with you.

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You’ll also want to save room for dessert, or maybe two of them, if you can’t decide between the 1,680-yen berry-filled popovers or the 1,280-yen My Sweet Piano dessert pizza with melted marshmallows, chocolate, and orange sauce.

▼ Once again, the mug that comes with the popovers is yours to keep.

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The almond pound cake (1,280 yen) is the menu’s most complete representation of My Melody, whereas the We Love Strawberries Parfait reduces the Sanrio characters to a tiny decorative topping, but makes up for their absence with the overwhelming presence of fruit.

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If you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to sit down, you can also pick up a set of two donuts to-go for 800 yen.

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Of course, as a cafe, there’re also plenty of drinks to choose from.

Elderflower-scent soda (980 yen) and strawberry milk with a side of flower and heart-shaped chocolates (780 yen)

MM 7

▼ Hot or iced latte, again with a side of chocolates (680 yen)

MM 9

Acai smoothies with banana, yogurt, and strawberry, plus frothy foam evocative of the character’s fluffy tails (880 yen)

MM 8

While beverage orders don’t come with the privilege of ownership of the mugs or glassware, they do come with one of three special coaster designs, and those are yours to hang onto.

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And, as with any character-based event in Japan, there’s also a gift shop selling exclusive My Melody and My Sweet Piano merchandise.

▼ New stuffed versions of My Melody’s sinister rival Kuromi, My Melody herself, and My Sweet Piano (2,400 yen for the bigger size, 1,200 yen for the smaller)

MM 10

▼ Tote bags, priced at 500 and 1,200 yen

MM 11

▼ A two-glass set (1,800 yen)

MM 12

▼ A set of two clear files (front and back shown) for 600 yen

MM 13

▼ A set of three memo pads (800 yen)

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As is often the case with these sorts of restaurants, the My Melody & My Sweet Piano Cafe is a limited time affair, so if you’re feeling the pull of all this pink, you’ll want to get to the Shibuya Parco before the cafe closes for good on May 31.

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Source, images: Shibuya Parco My Melody & My Sweet Piano Cafe