Gum LM2

Joining in the 30th anniversary celebrations for the Super Mario Bros. video game series is popular Japanese gum brand Fit’s. Thanks to this unique collaboration, we’ll now be able to chew our way into the game with the awesome-sounding tastes of “Mario’s Invincibility Star flavour” and “Luigi’s Infinite UP flavour“.

So what does invincibility and an unlimited 1-UP taste like? And what type of gorgeous inside packaging do we have to look forward to? We check out the details ahead of this much-anticipated release.

On sale from 12 May for approximately 130 yen (US$1.09), each pack features an original Super Mario Bros. design. Here we have our good pal Mario in the red corner, against a background of yellow invincibility stars.

▼ Invincibility tastes like ginger ale, to capture the essence of that shiny gold star

Gum M

Luigi fans will enjoy seeing their green-capped friend against a background of Koopa Troopa shells. Keep stomping on those shells until you score an infinite 1-UP!

Mugen-appu or unlimited-up as the coveted unlimited 1-UP is known in Japan, has the taste of melon soda

Gum L

Upon opening the pack, we find 12 individually wrapped sticks of gum, featuring retro 8-bit characters. The screen shot on the interior flap is a smart addition, making this almost like a hand-held game.


Available at stores nationwide, we’ll definitely be buying these in bulk when they’re released on Tuesday. Happy 30 years, Mario and Luigi!

Source: Lotte
Images: ⓒ NINTENDO