Our resident oddball writer Mr. Sato loves his coffee, so much so that he finds it impossible to pass by a Starbucks without stopping in for a quick coffee break. The only problem is that he tends to favour “girly” drinks like frappuccinos, and lives in fear of being spotted by friends and acquaintances enjoying one.

The solution? Sneak into Starbucks underneath a cardboard box, Solid Snake-style, and see if the baristas will serve coffee to a cardboard box. Check out our video to see how he did!

While Solid Sato undoubtedly drew more than a couple of stares as he shuffled towards the store wearing his box disguise, he was nonetheless comforted by the fact that nobody he knew would be able to identify him.

Check out Solid Sato in action here!

Unfortunately, he hadn’t really thought through the logistics of the whole operation, and trying to order coffee while fumbling about with change and wearing a cardboard box at the same time proved impossible even for a hardened subterfuge expert like Solid Sato. In the end, he quickly wriggled out of his box in order to order and collect his coffee, before once more covering himself in cardboard and shuffling off to the safety of the nearby garbage disposal area to slurp his Starbucks in peace.

Well, we’re not sure he’d last ten seconds trying to infiltrate any top-secret nuclear arms bases, but at least he got his sweet, sweet caffeine fix. Let’s just call it Mission Accomplished for Solid Sato.

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