In most countries, when you think of conveyor belts you might think of factories, but in Japan, most people’s minds would probably jump first to sushi. Conveyor belt sushi is not only delicious and cheap, but it adds a little fun to your meal.

Some innovative designers decided to take that fun and add it to another common conveyor belt: airport luggage carousels. Last year Parco released their first edition of sushi suitcase covers, but this year they are back with three new flavors.

▼ The sushi suitcase covers from last year were pretty fun, being offered in tamago (egg), maguro (tuna), ebi (shrimp), and Salmon.


▼ This year’s offering include taco (octopus), ikura (salmon roe), and saba (mackerel).


▼ The bags became available on June 5 at Parco department stores in Shibuya and Fukuoka, as well as at Narita International Airport.


Each nylon cover costs 3,024 yen (US$24) and can fit suitcases within the dimensions of 64-70 centimeters tall x 42-46 centimeters wide (24-27.5 inches x 16.5-18.1 inches) and have a capacity between 60-70 liters.

▼ Looks so good you could eat it!


If your suitcase fits within the dimensions and you want to take it from bland to delicious-looking, these suitcase covers might just do the trick. Plus, you’re sure to never overlook your bag or grab someone else’s by accident! Be wary of people who may want to steal or eat your bag though!

▼ “Have a safe and delicious trip!”

Source: Entabe, Parco
Images: Entabe, Parco