We try out some space-saving jeans-folding wizardry, perfect for travelling light【Photos】

Folding magic that’s handy in a number of situations, including travel.

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Gorgeous traditional Japanese chest of drawers is also a rolling suitcase 【Video】

Centuries-old aesthetics meet modern travel convenience.

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Sushi suitcase covers are back, this time with new flavors!

In most countries, when you think of conveyor belts you might think of factories, but in Japan, most people’s minds would probably jump first to sushi. Conveyor belt sushi is not only delicious and cheap, but it adds a little fun to your meal.

Some innovative designers decided to take that fun and add it to another common conveyor belt: airport luggage carousels. Last year Parco released their first edition of sushi suitcase covers, but this year they are back with three new flavors.

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Who wants to fund the world’s first suitcase designed for cosplayers?

Cosplaying has become a global hobby. From Hungary to Singapore and many places in between, people just can’t get enough of bringing their favorite fictional characters to life. But with so many costumes to carry around, what’s a traveling cosplayer to do? That’s where Coscase, a new type of suitcase that is specifically designed to support the lifestyle of cosplayers, comes in. Frentrep, the makers of Coscase are looking for backers on Motion Gallery, a funding platform similar to Kickstarter. Assuming you already own your own suitcase, is the Coscase worth an additional suitcase purchase? You decide.

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