Sushi was once a strange delicacy confined to the shores of Japan. Thanks to its health benefits, the humble sushi has since travelled the world, popping up in all sorts of remote and obscure locations from Iceland to the Middle East.

Now sushi is on the move again, this time coming with you on your travels and hugging your luggage in the form of clever suitcase covers. With four designs to choose from, baggage claim carousels are set to look like giant sushi train conveyor belts this summer!

▼ First in line we have the ever popular egg sushi, featuring a sweet egg omelette wrapped with a strip of seaweed.


▼ Next up we have another firm favourite, tuna.


▼ And the slightly more orange salmon sushi


▼ Last up we have the visually pleasing hues of ebi (prawn)


▼ The attention to detail extends to the individual grains of rice on the side


▼ Even the packaging is super cute. It’s like a sushi on a conveyor belt.


The best thing about these is they’re on sale at Omise Parco at Narita International Airport so you won’t have to go out of your way to get one during your next visit to Japan.

On sale from July 8 for 3,024 yen (US$ 29.82), these will make great last-minute souvenirs for friends and family back home. The only problem will be deciding which one to get!


Source: ITMedia Inc.
mages: Parco City