Finding Nemo

Japan Railways announces a Pixar themed bullet train to commemorate anniversary

To southern Japan… and beyond!

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Quick-thinking Tokyo Disney Sea staff helps boyfriend propose with assist from a surprising cupid

Quite possibly the last Disney character we’d expect to be a love guru has the perfect answer to one young man’s dilemma.

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Someone found Pixar’s Nemo in real life, and he’s trapped in Japan!

Clownfish belong in the sea, Nemo, not in the sky.

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Need life advice? The Turtle Talk attraction at Tokyo DisneySea may be your best bet

At Tokyo DisneySea, there’s a special theater-style attraction called Turtle Talk where you can ask questions in real time to Crush, everybody’s favorite East Australian Current-surfing sea turtle from Finding Nemo. 

Sounds fun, if not a bit like a generically staged Q&A session, right? However, audience members during a recent talk were in for a bit of a surprise when Crush shared an unexpectedly profound piece of wisdom in response to a young woman’s question.

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