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Those who’ve tried Lotte’s Bikkuriman love it for two reasons: beacuase it’s a cheap but delicious waffle peanut and chocolate snack, and, more importantly, because of the sweet stickers that come with it. These collectible stickers featured devils, angels and protectors that kids could trade and swap to assemble the whole set. What made them unique at the time was that there were also rare stickers that had a sparkly holographic design which made them more valuable to collectors.

This new collaboration between Star Wars and Bikkuriman is definitely desirable, but is it something that is worth your money? Which characters show up and which ones are shiny? No need to worry because we bought the whole set and we are definitely impressed.

On June 30, 2015, Eastern Japan was treated to the collaborative force of Star Wars and Bikkuriman.  Western Japan has to wait a little bit longer, but the kid in us couldn’t resist running out to the store and buying a whole set. Just like back when we were young, we can’t keep ourselves from showing off these prized stickers to the world.

The current set that is on sale now is for Star Wars Episodes 4, 5 and 6. The 24 stickers feature our beloved characters from the original trilogy. Normally each chocolate is 108 yen (US $0.88) but if you buy them individually at the store, the sticker you get is totally random, so instead we bought them in a complete box guaranteed to contain one of each sticker.

star wars 4

star wars 5

This is an official Star Wars promotion so the art on each of the stickers deftly combines the look of the original characters with the artistic style of Bikkuriman. Fans of both products will be extremely happy with how they turned out. There’s nothing to complain about…well, practically nothing. Bikkuriman was only 30 yen ($0.24) a piece back in the day, and when we were young the walk to the convenience store was uphill…both ways!

▼ The stickers were totally worth it though! And they’re all shiny!

star wars 29

All the familiar original trilogy characters make an appearance, but there are also some pleasant surprises. Fans of some of the minor characters in the Star Wars universe will be happy that they get the Bikkuriman treatment. Take a close-up look at the full set to see if your favorite character shows up.

▼ Darth Vader

star wars 2

▼ Wedge Antilles

star wars 3

▼ Luke Skywalker

star wars 6

▼ X-Wing

star wars 7

▼ Master Yoda

star wars 8

▼ Obi-wan Kenobi

star wars 9

▼ Princess Leia

star wars 10

▼ Han Solo

star wars 11

▼ Chewbacca

star wars 12

▼ C-3PO and R2-D2

star wars 13

▼ Emperor Palpatine

star wars 14

▼ Storm Trooper

star wars 15

▼ Boba Fett

star wars 16

On July 14, a second set of Star Wars Bikkuriman Chocolate featuring characters from Episodes 1, 2 and 3 will be sold, this time with Western Japan getting the first chance to buy them. Which characters do you hope to see in the second set? Check out the rest of the first set below and let us know if there are there any that you think are missing.

▼ Jawa

star wars 17

▼ Jabba the Hutt

star wars 18

▼ Wicket W. Warrick

star wars 19

▼ Admiral Ackbar

star wars 20

▼ Lando Calrissian

star wars 21

▼ Tusken Raider

star wars 22

▼ Tauntaun

star wars 23

▼ Max Rebo (whose real name is Siiruulian Phantele)

star wars 24

▼ Grand Moff Tarkin

star wars 26

▼ Death Star battle

star wars 28

▼ “Ending”

star wars 27

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