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So a friend and I have a debate about what happens at the end of the Studio Ghibli anime movie Castle in the Sky Laputa. As the credits roll, the floating island is seen drifting into space, which I, as is my simple-minded nature, take literally. On the other hand, my friend argues that the visuals are at least partly metaphoric, and that the mysterious landmass didn’t really escape Earth’s orbit (he also contends that my proposed Laputa/Space Dandy crossover/sequel is too silly to ever get made).

But while it’s likely Laputa director and creator Hayao Miyazai purposely chose to craft an ambiguous ending to the film, we do now know what happened to the island: it became this awesome hanging planter from anime retailer Benelic.

If the name Benelic doesn’t ring any bells, you might be more familiar with Donguri Kyowakoku, the company’s chain of stores stocked with an amazing variety of Ghibli merchandise. Going on sale later this month is the Castle in the Sky Laputa Hanging Planter Laputa Castle, which is far more elegant in appearance than its unwieldy name might have you imagining.

Since Laputa is located in the sky, at the center of a swirling, storming cloud cocoon, the planter isn’t designed to sit dully on your kitchen counter or garden footpath. Instead, the reconstruction of the castle, made of resin, stainless steel, and brass, hangs by three chains, allowing for it to be properly positioned in midair.

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However, fans of the film know that only half of Laputa’s mystic atmosphere comes from its deserted, crumbling castle. Just as important is the way the structure is being overrun by vines and other vegetation as nature takes back the fortress. Thankfully, just add some soil and seeds to the planter, and soon enough you’ll have the same effect to admire in your home.

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The Laputa hanging planter is priced at 4,000 yen (US$33) and goes on sale later this month at Donguri Kyowakoku locations and the chain’s online shop.

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Source, images: Benelic press release