Yamato Un’yu (Yamato Transport), is Japan’s largest delivery company. Their beige-and-teal trucks, as well as their kuroneko (black cat) logo, are as familiar to the Japanese as the Golden Arches or the Starbucks mermaid. Their logo has also resulted in them being referred to colloquially as Kuroneko (black cat) Yamato.

Now, to advertise their compact delivery boxes, they’ve enlisted the help of a real black cat to show just how easy it is to put together. And we all know that cats plus boxes make a mesmerizingly adorable combination!

The video begins with a black cat against a loud yellow background, just like Yamato’s logo. After nosing the flat packing box to the middle of the screen, the talented feline walks us through the six easy steps of putting the package together.

▼ The easily recognizable Kuroneko logo


Step 1: Unfold all of the flaps so they are standing upright.


Step 2: Fold the front flap inwards.


Step 3: Put in the contents to be mailed.


Step 4: Remove the cover strips from the adhesive tape.


Step 5: Close the lid.


Step 6: Firmly secure the flaps.


And your package is ready to ship!


Kuroneko Yamato is also currently holding a photo contest (Japanese only, sorry!), where you can send in a photo of your cat in a Yamato box for a chance to win some adorable kuroneko prizes! We have a feeling that these kitties would make the perfect candidates.

Here’s hoping they post all of the photos submitted, because one can never have too many cats with boxes!

Source and images: YouTube/ヤマト運輸
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