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Having a handheld device that tells us how to get places, allows us to check our E-mail, and browse the Internet has been one of the greatest inventions of this century. Plus with video streaming services like Netflix and others on our phones, we are carrying around a library of entertainment. The problem with using our phones like a mini-TV, though, is that it’s difficult to prop them up at the right angle with the myriad objects that fill our homes.

While we’ve brought our readers an inexpensive solution to that problem in the past, some of us want to do it in the cutest and most fashionable way possible. Thankfully, gachapon capsule toy machines are dispensing prizes that feature famous characters and other eclectic figures that are designed to hold up phones for our viewing pleasure. You’ve never seen a phone held up with such panache before.

Gachapon machines are a dime a dozen in Japan, but to find that some of the prizes provide a convenient object that can prop up our phones is great news. A number of famous characters and some hard-working cats have been recruited for this important task. If you find a capsule machines that is labeled as スマートフォン スタンド (sumaatofon sutando, or “smartphone stand”), then you’ve found your newest binge-watching best friend. Here is an example of the kinds of figures that have been found so far.

▼ If Gundam’s mobile suits can win wars, they can certainly hold up your phone as well.

▼ The main character from My Love Story!! looks like he’s struggling a bit. Which just makes it all the better when he finds his love story.

▼ The chief director from the one panel comic Salaryman Shigeru Yamazaki isn’t below holding up some electronics.

▼ Even Pikachu wants to help!

▼ Volleyball training for Haikyu’s Shoyo involves a couple of long reps of phone support.

▼ All those Kinnikuman muscles are good for something, might as well be this.

▼ You’d think Doraemon would have just the right thing for this task in his 4th-dimensional pocket.

▼ Star Wars becomes phone wars, as the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion battle for smartphone support supremacy.

▼ Buu takes up the mantle of holding our precious phones.

▼ Only Eren Yeager in his Titan form could handle such a task.

▼  The real Funasshi would probably wiggle his way out of this mundane task.

▼ The guy who tells you not to pirate movies seems to have a part-time job.

▼ Of course some curious felines come to see what’s going on. They probably stick around because your phone gets warm.

▼ These cats are crying to keep your phone up.

There are surely a number of other characters available, so be sure to find the one that suits you and your device the best. Each gachapon costs around 200 yen (US$1.65). Unfortunately there’s no guarantee you’ll get the one you want right away, so the only thing you can do is to keep on trying! Which is probably fine, because most of us have multiple devices that need to be propped up anyway. Next time you want to binge watch Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon Crystal, and Naruto all at the same time, you’ll be thanking us.

Source: Naver Matome
Images: Twitter/@vd_adores, Twitter/@sham_airou (edited by RocketNews24)