If you like your sushi with a side of crazy psychedelic, this new music video from long-serving Japanese band Orange Range will definitely whet your appetite.

Called “Sushi Tabetai – featuring Soy Sauce”, the catchy tune and mesmerising images are the perfect blend of cute and bizarre that we’ve come to love from the Japanese music scene.

Orange Range is a well-known, five-member Japanese rock band formed in Okinawa in 2001. Their music video for “Sushi Tabetai” (lit. “I want to eat sushi”), which appears on their 10th album, fittingly called “Ten”, has received over half a million views since being uploaded to YouTube in September this year.

The video, and the song itself, is so crazy, once you see it you’ll find yourself hitting the replay button just to watch it again!

That’s the most bizarre sushi nightmare we’ve ever had! Let’s recap some of those memorable moments, shall we?


The clip starts with advertising for a fictional International Sushi Federation, and calls for recruits to join the “All Japan Sushi Tabetai Association”.

▼ Great! Where do we sign up?


Then we have a girl running to the sushi store in the middle of the night, so desperate to get her fix of fishy treats that she can’t sleep. (I’m sure we’ve all been there…)


The sushi chef likes what he sees, and gives us a play on the word for “don” (丼) which is the bowl used for meals like “Chirashi Don“, a bowl of rice topped with fresh sashimi.

▼ “Don’t stop music, Don stop sushi”


A bizarre, pig-faced sushi chef throws out a “Hei! Rasshai!“as the welcome greeting for hungry, sushi-loving customers.


Then we’ve got some retro-style Japanese anime with dancing chefs showing us the steps to making a nice piece of nigiri sushi.


▼ There are chefs trying to catch the freshest ingredients for their sushi shops…



▼ And when Jiro dreams of sushi, we wonder if this is what he sees.


While the disproportioned animated images hark back to psychedelic rock videos from the 70s, people in Japan have discovered that the animators behind Sushi Tabetai also produced a commercial for pest extermination company Hato Amemiya earlier this year—an equally bizarre clip that focused on the world of pigeons and highlighting the issues that arise when they come into contact with an elite salaryman.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go and listen to that track again. ~Don’t stop the music; don’t stop the sushiiii~!

Screenshots: YouTube/Victor Entertainment
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