Two birds, one valiant attempt at escape. But are these two feathered friends really working together, or is there some “fowl” play involved?

Japanese Twitter user @sgthw318 enjoys sharing the antics of her three pet parrots, named Mutsugoro, Nana, and Sekisei, with the rest of the world via social media. A recent post involving two of her little darlings has gone viral on the Japanese internet, being retweeted over 23,000 times in less than a week. She had originally posted the video for her daughter, who is now living away from home, but it seems that the Internet also got a big kick out of the two comedic birdbrains!

In the following video, is the yellowish parrot really trying to help the green one get out of the cage, or is it just stirring up some trouble?

▼ “Short comic play: ‘Escape'”

Twitter users responded to the video with comments such as:

“They’re so cute! (≧∇≦)”

“That green one must really want to get outside, LOL.”

“It’s pretty clear that the yellow one is hampering the escape. If they would just work together…”

“I was waiting to see the bird drop it on the other bird’s head.”

“Wait a sec! I’m guessing that the green one is the boke [the funny/slow one in a comedy duo] and the yellow one is the tsukkomi [the straight man]!? This is too deep for me to comprehend…”

Here are some other tweets by @sgthw318 showcasing her feathered friends. Enjoy!

▼ “This one seems to like warm places. Looks like I’m stuck in this pose for a while…”

▼ “(*^^*) Everyone’s gone out (*^^*)”

▼ “Please get out of the car (T_T)”

▼ “Cursed parrot” [for eating the food offering on the family altar]

▼ “Okay, it’s time to go back to our cage!”

We can’t wait to see what shenanigans these feathered comedians get up to next!

Source, top image: Twitter/@sgthw318