Donguri Kyowakoku, the chainstore that sells nothing but Studio Ghibli items, has delighted fans with the best offering of the year: a bag filled with amazing Ghibli merchandise.

One of the best things about the New Year season in Japan is the chance to snag a bagful of surprise items from our favourite shops in the form of fukubukuro, or lucky bags. And if you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli animated films, the most coveted bag of the New Year comes from Donguri Kyowakoku (lit. Acorn Republic), which has 10 stores spread around the country which specialise solely in merchandise from the acclaimed anime house.


As the country’s largest seller of Ghibli merchandise, this is one company that can offer everything a fan could possibly dream of. So their 3,000 yen (US$25.17) fukubukuro was bound to be filled with things that would make us swoon. One of our Japanese reporters got her hands on a lucky bag and found it was an absolute bargain, containing a total of 10 items which were worth much more together than the several thousand yen paid.

▼ Clockwise, from back left: Large Kodama piggy bank from Princess Mononoke; My Neighbour Totoro 8-pocket file; lantern key chain from When Marnie Was There; My Neighbour Totoro writing paper, My Neighbour Totoro stainless steel tumbler, Kiki’s Delivery Service towels (large, medium and small), Kiki’s Delivery Service toothbrush pack; and a My Neighbour Totoro lunch bag.


The item that immediately caught our attention was the gorgeous piggy bank. The mysterious kodama character promises to carry your coins around for you, both within himself and also in his right hand.


The 19-centimetre (7.5-inch) figure also glows in the dark, perfect for transporting you to a night in the forest with the creatures from Princess Mononoke. Usually retailing for 3,000 yen, our reporter already made her money back with just this one item!


▼ The eight-pocket file will come in handy for storing notes and loose sheets of paper.


▼ Made from stainless steel, the tumbler is both good quality and squeal-worthy in its cuteness.


▼ Letters written on Totoro-themed writing paper will be sure to delight friends.


▼ The towels come in three sizes and feature characters from My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service.


▼ The flame inside the lantern is actually in the shape of Anna and Marnie dancing.


▼ The toothbrush set comes in an adorable case, perfect for travelling.


▼ The lunch bag features the cat bus from My Neighbour Totoro!


▼ The cat bus promises to keep lunches hot or cold while they’re on board.


Out of all the lucky bags purchased this year, this was definitely one of our absolute favourites. If you’re in Japan on January 1 next year, be sure to put Donguri Kyowakoku on your list of places to visit. This is one lucky bag you won’t want to miss!

Photos © Donguri Kyowakoku, RocketNews24
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