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No need to limit your Sailor Moon attire to just cons and Halloween — these beautiful dresses are perfect for any formal party or red carpet appearance!

There are plenty of costumes and outfits that have been inspired by the clothes that the Sailor Senshi wear when they’re protecting the world from evil. Putting on the costume of a superhero is great, but there aren’t too many places where a school girl sailor uniform is considered appropriate attire.

Luckily for us, the girls have more than one outfit in their closet as they’re not just warriors on Earth, but princesses of their respective planets!

Bringing the wonderful princess dresses of Sailor Moon to life is elvenstore, who sells gowns on her etsy page by commission. She decided to start making dresses herself when other people’s versions deviated too far from the original manga images for her taste.

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Her princess dresses are all made from taffeta, a high-end fabric composed of silk or cuprammonium rayons, and they are suitable for use as ball gowns or even wedding dresses. Each dress is given a one-yard train in order to show off the beautiful folds of the fabric and the detailed decorations. The cost of a gown ranges from US$290 to $360, depending on which princess you choose.

▼ Dresses for Princess Jupiter, Princess Serenity and Princess Venus, respectively

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▼ Princess Mars

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Besides the princess dresses, elvenstore also has an even more impressive Princess Serenity dress made from taffeta, chiffon and organza. The detailing can be made in gold, silver or white to create a look that is perfect for you. While there’s a basic gown, there are a number of add-ons that can be included to make the dress extra special.

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It takes between six to eight weeks to make one dress, plus an additional two to four weeks for shipping to the U.S. It isn’t possible to request a fast-track order, so be sure to plan well in advance if you’d like to wear one of these for a special occasion in the future.

Make sure you check out the elvenstore etsy page for even more wonderful cosplay dresses and accessories. RocketNews24 definitely approves!

Source & Images: Etsy/elvenstore (1, 2)
H/T: Fashionably Geek