Pokéball terrariums are just as adorable and hard to catch as the Pokémon who inhabit them

Now you can see what your favourite Pokémon gets up to inside that mysterious Pokéball.

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Pokémon Go players can now keep phones charged with hand-made Poké Ball portable battery charger

Japanese gamers weigh in on the device, sharing their first impressions.

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Anime and video game-inspired kimonos to show off your inner geek in traditional style【Pics】

Attack on Titan, Zelda, Sailor Moon, and even Assassin’s Creed have been kimono-ified!

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Artist turns “untranslatable words” from various languages into beautiful necklaces 【Pics】

The jewelry shows off how gorgeous some Japanese words can be.

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Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke goes Art Nouveau in amazing fan art treatment

Studio Ghibli fan and Part-time artist Hannah Alexander created this dazzling Art Nouveau version of Princess Mononoke from Hayao Miyazaki’s classic animated film.

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Gorgeous Sailor Moon princess dresses for all the galas in the galaxy【Photos】

No need to limit your Sailor Moon attire to just cons and Halloween — these beautiful dresses are perfect for any formal party or red carpet appearance!

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The land of Internet craft marketplace Etsy is certainly a strange one. Like the decrepit flea market down the road that always smells strangely of boiled cabbage and sawdust, even just dipping your toes into the wonderfully bizarre world of Etsy can reveal both valuable hidden craft gems and creepy paintings possibly made by a serial killer.

You’ll also find no shortage of clever, high quality craft goods that mash together seemingly incongruous themes in interesting ways. Like, hey! How about this cute/sexy cat face lingerie that’s sure to make your significant other conflicted about whether or not they should be aroused.

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Look into our crystal ball; we see a Pokémon that’s right for you!【Pics】

Every pokémon trainer has their special pokémon. Whether it’s one of the starter pokémon that you kept with you all over the Kanto region, or one of the hundreds of pokémon you can catch along the way, there is always that one particular friend that you just can’t bear to leave in storage.

If you’d like to immortalize your poképal, or if you are just a fan of the Pokémon anime or video games, then you have to take a look at these one of a kind pokéballs on Etsy that will crystallize the memory of your pokémon forever.

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It’s the year of the sheep-dog! Introducing new clothes for your dog’s wardrobe

We have bid farewell to the year of the horse, and welcomed in the Year of the Sheep. New Year’s decorations, greeting cards, and the like are all adorned with more sweet, fluffy little lambs than you could shake one of their tails at. It almost makes you want to get an adorable little baby fleecey bundle for your own. I mean, sheep are allowed in apartments, right? Right!?

Or maybe it would just be easier to transform your dog into a sheep for the New Year instead!

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Sweater-wearing tortoises capture Japanese netizens’ hearts, leave them squealing with delight

As the weather gets colder, we’re all bundling up with new sweaters from grandma. They may be a little dorky looking, and they’re almost certainly itchy…but they keep us warm! And that’s the main point, right?

But while people are lucky to have such warm clothes, our animal friends have to make do with their birthday suits. While cats and dogs might not mind, we feel awfully sorry for our poor reptilian friends, like tortoises and lizards. We bet they wish they had some nice fluffy sweaters to snuggle up in this winter…

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Want to be punished in the name of the moon? Sexy Sailor Moon lingerie gets our pulses racing

Many girls across the globe were fans of the famous manga and anime series Sailor Moon as children, some even beyond their schoolgirl years. Who hasn’t wanted to try out that kick-ass sailor uniform she wears to fight evil villains? Well, don’t worry if you’ve already outgrown your middle school uniform. We found one fan who took her love of the series a step further than even simple cosplay.

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