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If you can’t make it to one of Miku’s concerts, now she can perform for you right in your home.

If you’re a fan of Hatsune Miku, there are dozens of different figurines of the virtual idol that you can adorn your shelves or desk with. However, seeing as how the Vocaloid owes as much of her success to her voice and choreography as her cute looks, you’re not really getting the compete experience with a figure that doesn’t do anything other than sit there and look pretty (even though some of them look very pretty).

But Good Smile Company, makers of the Nendoroid line of anime figures, is working on something that provides the full spectrum of Hatsune Miku-based entertainment, with a special Nendoroid that moves and speaks!

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The joint project with robotics company Yukai Engineering combines Yukai’s iDoll robotics frame with an exterior produced and colored by Good Smile Company. Instead of just passively posing, the figure, dubbed the Hatsune Miku by iDoll x Nendoroid, dances and sings in Miku’s unmistakable computer-generated voice.

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Yukai boasts that in addition to singing and dancing its iDoll robots can greet owners and crack one-liner jokes. The teaser video also touts the figure’s ability to “communicate,” suggesting that it might be interactive in some form. Whether or not that means it can take song requests or carry on a conversation is something we’ll have to wait until the figure’s official debut at the upcoming Wonder Festival modeling expo in February to find out.

Source: Inside Games via Jin
Images: YouTube/iDoll アイドール