Because there’s nothing more alluring than a shy beauty hiding her attractive features.

Kadokawa’s original figure label KCAL is set to release a new series of toy figures under the long-winded and somewhat awkward title “I’ve Never Seen Kakurezaki’s Face Before.”

If you’re wondering, “Just what the heck does that mean?”, don’t try thinking about it too deeply–the name’s just what it sounds like. This new series introduces a mysterious girl named Kakurezaki (a clever pun, as kakure means “hidden” in Japanese) who just plain refuses to show her face to her adoring admirers, whether purposefully or by unlucky accident. Here’s Kakurezaki’s official backstory as told by one of her unnamed classmates:

“The girl that I love is kind, sweet, and doesn’t stand out much in class, which is one of her charming points. However, there’s one thing that just won’t stop bothering me–I’ve never seen her face.”

You have to admit, just the sight of Kakurezaki’s long black hair and slender body is enough to make you curious about what kind of gorgeous face she could be hiding in all of her different poses. Before you know it, your mind will be racing with all sorts of wild possibilities.

There are a total of six 50-millimeter (two-inch) tall figures of Kakurezaki in the series, each of which is intended to drive you a little bit crazier than the last. Pictured below are the five known versions of the mysterious beauty (visuals for the sixth version haven’t been revealed yet) with their individual names. Upon closer inspection, maybe she’s not shy, but just a bit scatterbrained…?

▼ “I can’t see her at lunch time”


▼ “I can’t see her during P.E. class”


▼ “I can’t see her with animals”


▼ “I can’t see her when she falls”


▼ “I can’t see her when she’s doing a bridge pose” (version #6 is a golden version of this figure)


Hobby goods website Ami Ami is currently taking preorders for boxes of I’ve Never Seen Kakurezaki’s Face Before, each of which contains 10 figures with all six versions guaranteed to be included. The boxes are selling for 2,580 yen (US$22) each, which is 20 percent off their list price. Kadokawa plans to ship the orders around mid-June.

Source: Ami Ami
Images: Ami Ami/Kadokawa Corporation 2016
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