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Is it your destiny to own this Saber alternate created by the character designer from a different anime franchise?

Having begun as a lengthy, complex visual novel, the Fate series has gone through multiple anime adaptations, covering various paths and perspectives of the video game original’s script. As a result, a large number of artists have made contributions to the extensive body of work that comprises the franchise, which now includes sequels and spinoffs, and the latest is illustrator Huke.

Huke is best known as the character designer for another anime and video game multimedia franchise, sci-fi crime thriller Steins;Gate. Recently, though, he drew an intricately detailed illustration of Fate/stay night’s Saber.

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Specifically, Huke’s artwork shows Saber Alter (sometimes referred to as Black Saber), a corrupted, more ruthless version of the ordinarily noble Saber, the female reincarnation of King Arthur whose standard personality is in lines with that of the chivalrous monarch. Huke’s vision of Saber Alter is enchantingly ominous, wearing armor so jaggedly complex it seems like it could only be possible in illustrated form. But the pros at Good Smile Company are up to the challenge, as shown in this 1:7 scale figure based on Huke’s drawing.

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In keeping with her sinister look, Saber Alter’s sword has also transformed from its normal shining silver to blood red.

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The 33-centimeter (13-inch) tall figure can be ordered here from Good Smile Company for 21,800 yen (US$182) and comes bundled with a base and an A3-sized reproduction of Huke’s illustration. Shipping is scheduled for August.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Good Smile Online Shop
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