cat curtains top

And the answer is not “make curtain-ade”…

Sometimes, life can be just overwhelming. You’re having a perfectly normal day and then, suddenly, you’re in a real mess and have no idea how you got there.

But what do you do when that happens? Give up and stay stuck?

No. You do what this cat does:

▼ “Yesterday was Cat Day, so let’s all look at my
cat who got stuck in the curtains and couldn’t get out.”

▼ Step 1: Understand that you have a problem.

cat curtains 03

▼ Step 2: Assess the problem.

cat curtains 01

▼ Step 3: Ride that problem across the floor like you’ve never ridden it before!

cat curtains 02

▼ And then when you get back up, even after licking your wounds,
if the problem is still there…

cat curtains 04

▼ Just keep on riding it! Sometimes life is about bathing in sunlight,
and sometimes it’s about appreciating the things that block the sunshine.

cat curtains 05

But sometimes, no matter how hard you try to ride the curtains of life, you just can’t make it work. So what do you do then?

You wear those curtains as fiercely as you can!

You own those curtains, just like this cat:

▼ “The same thing happened to my cat today!”

And then you know what? If you just go with the flow and don’t let the curtains get to you, at some point, when you least expect it, you’ll be free of them:

▼ “The cat’s okay lol, here’s the escape.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty motivated thanks to these cats. I feel like I could do anything… like take a nap! Or lick myself!

If you’re still feeling like you need a little more ins-purr-ation yourself, then we highly recommend partaking in some more Cat Day celebrations.

Source: Twitter/@StarredSk via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@StarredSk