Say “meow” to this creatively cute, must-have item!

The plum blossoms are now in bloom, which means spring is just around the corner. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still a chill in the air, though.

Felissimo, the brand that brought us these catpacks (cat backpacks) and cat-themed hand towels, is offering us one last chance to bundle up in furry feline-themed accessories with their latest cat scarf. It features a cat ear hood and mittens to keep not just your neck, but also your head and hands toasty warm.



Not only that, but the ears on the hood can be tucked in and hidden, which means you’ll look adorable on the go anytime, anywhere, no matter what type of dress code the occasion calls for. It’s even washable to boot!


For those interested, you can grab the black version here or the brown version here. The scarf would make a great addition to any cat-lover’s closet, or even a nice White Day surprise for any guys still shopping for something nice for their sweethearts in Japan.

Source: Felissimo via Design Taxi
Feature/insert images: Felissimo