dinosaur egg top

If you’ve got a T-Rex-sized sweet tooth, then you’re gonna want to check this out.

First there were the chocolate mines, and now, something has been excavated from them. Something… delicious.

The aptly-named DALA 100%-CHOCOLATE cafe in Busan, South Korea, has been getting a lot of attention recently for a recent addition to its menu: the chocolate dinosaur egg.

▼ The fact that I am not eating one of these right now means
I regret all my life choices leading up to this moment.


This is one intensely chocolately egg. The shell is made of chocolate, there’s chocolate ice cream inside, and it all rests on top of a bed of shaved chocolate ice. Oh, and did we mention that there’s chocolate syrup to pour on top of it too?

▼ Apparently there’s even a chocolate dinosaur inside,
because you’ve already come this far.


▼ Unfortunately you don’t use a chocolate hammer to crack it open,
but this metal one looks just as satisfying to use.


▼ There are many ways to go about cracking it.
There’s the traditional whack from the top. (Click picture to watch.)


▼ The douse-it-in-syrup-before-you-crack-it method. (Click picture to watch.)


▼ And for those who prefer not to make a mess but still want to enter a chocolate-coma,
the post-cracking syrup-adding strategy. (Click picture to watch.)


▼ Here’s the outside of DALA 100% CHOCOLATE,
to help locate it for your inevitable South Korean chocolate-pilgrimage.



South Korea may be a far away trip for some, but when you can buy chocolate dinosaur eggs for US$9, I feel like we’re giving up value not being there cracking some eggs open.

But if you can’t make the trip and want to live vicariously through some other lucky chocoholics, then check out DALA 100% CHOCOLATE’s Facebook and Instagram. Fair warning though: be prepared to be really, really jealous of some people.

Source: Facebook/Dala 100% Chocolate, Instagram/@dala100chocolate
Featured/top image: Instagram/@i__m.here
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