Bright new cherry blossom collection includes a couple of sparkly Stanley cups you won’t find anywhere else.

Despite the recent snowfall in Tokyo, there’s a definite sense that spring is in the air, and in Japan that means we’re getting closer to seeing the cherry blossoms. One place where we can get a sneak peek of the blooms before they even appear on the trees is at Starbucks, where they’ve released the first range of their annual sakura goods for spring.

This highly anticipated collection is one fans look forward to all year long, and this first lot of goods is all about bright, bold designs that express the joy of spring. So let’s get right to it and take a look at what the chain has in store for us below!

Stainless Steel Mini Bottle White — 355 millilitres (12 ounces) 4,900 [US$32.82])

Stainless Steel Logo Bottle Baby Pink — 473 millilitres (4,900 yen)

Curved Stainless Steel Bottle Colourful Petal — 355 millilitres (4,600 yen)

Handy Stainless Steel Bottle Vivid Pink — 500 millilitres (5,500 yen)

Bottle Blush Pink — 473 millilitres (2,200 yen)

Bottle STANLEY Glitter Purple — 473 millilitres (5,300 yen)

3WAY Stainless Steel Tumbler STANLEY Glitter Vivid Pink — 473 millilitres (4,600 yen)

Stainless Steel TOGO Cup Tumbler Colourful Petal — 355 millilitres (4,400 yen)

Water in Tumbler Pink Glitter — 473 millilitres (2,500 yen)

Cold Cup Tumbler Spangle — 651 millilitres (2,600 yen)

Mug Colourful Petal — 355 millilitres (2,450 yen)

Mug Flower Embossed — 355 millilitres (2,300 yen)

Heat Resistant Glass Mug — 355 millilitres (2,600 yen)

Beads Handle Heat Resistant Glass Mug — 296 millilitres (2,800 yen)

Colour Changing Mug — 355 millilitres (2,550 yen)

Cold Insulated Craft Paper Shopper Small (2,350 yen)

Starbucks Campus Ring Note Pink (550 yen)

Starbucks Campus Ring Notebook Baby Pink (550 yen)

Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Colourful Petal (1,050 yen)

Bearista Message Gift (1,500 yen)

Beverage Card Pink (700 yen)

So there you have it — a whole bevy of sakura goods to get us in the mood for cherry blossom-viewing season. As always, the collection will only be available for a limited time while stocks last, though, with online sales beginning on 15 February and in-store sales starting from 20 February.

So keep an eye out for the sakura range while it’s available, and don’t forget to get a taste of the blooms with the new limited-edition sakura Frappuccino!

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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