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Cats once again prove they are not quite the masters of disguise that they think they are.

Now that we’ve finally managed to track down the crazy things cats do at night while we’re sleeping, it seems like our furry friends have had to resort to new tactics to stay hidden.

Take for example Kuu-chan, the pet of Japanese twitter user @yuukirg3, who has found the perfect cat-mouflage:

▼ “Kuu-chan blended into the pattern on the sheets!”
Can you spot where the real cat is? (It’s tough, but don’t give up!)

If you’re having trouble finding the real Kuu-chan, don’t worry, it took us a while too. Here’s a hint:

cat illusion hint

See it now? Pretty crazy, huh? That cat was almost im-purr-sible to see before!

Here’s some more tweets showing Kuu-chan blending into other things, with varying degrees of success.

▼ Huh, that’s a pretty weird-shaped TV…

▼ Is something staring at me from the inside of this empty bag?

▼ Black ink sure does come in strange containers these days….

▼ Aw man, my screen broke again. Guess I have to call- oh!
Haha, it’s just Kuu-chan. Silly me.

▼ The only time Kuu-chan isn’t perfectly hidden?
Nap time.

Want to see more Kuu-chan? Give their human a follow on Twitter. We have a feeling that they may be starting a new trend of invisible but adorable animals… invisi-dorable!

Source: Twitter/@yuukirg3 via IRORIO
Featured/top image: Twitter/@yuukirg3
Insert image: Twitter/@yuukirg3 (Edited by RocketNews24)