Starbucks Japan’s first pineapple Frappuccino, Go Pineapple, should be the Gorogoro Pineapple

Taste-testing Starbucks Japan’s first-ever pineapple dessert drink, plus its peachy companion.

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Starbucks introduces reusable Frappuccino cups, plus Go Pineapple and Go Peach Frappuccinos

Enjoy summer with these limited-edition flavors and products!

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Pizza Hut Japan tries to win over pineapple haters with new bulgogi meat pizza【Taste test】

You can’t say it’s gross if you’ve never tried it!

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Catchy tune “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” takes the world by storm

A new Japanese music video about apples, pineapples and pens may become this year’s biggest YouTube hit!

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Get into the tropical summer spirit with a pineapple-flavored McDonald’s shake!

McDonald’s Japan’s “Summer Shake” series this year will start off with Okinawa Pineapple!

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Fancy a cuppa? We explore the UK’s unusual takes on Japanese green tea

In the UK, where I’m from, people get really passionate about tea. It’s the first thing you offer someone who is a visitor to your home, and remembering how someone likes their tea made is one way of showing that you care about them. We’re also fussy about the ritual behind making tea (you should see what happens in my house when someone puts the milk in first). In this way, we’re kinda like the Japanese.

In Japan, they drink green tea rather than black tea, but their attitude towards it matches ours. It’s both something for all-day long refreshment, and for special occasions. They’re also really into the ceremony behind it, with chadou, or tea ceremony, being a celebrated art in Japan.

So, what happens when the tea companies try to make green tea happen in the UK? A whole lot of added flavourings, that’s what! Join us after the jump for a taste test!

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