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Finally, a place to store all of those nuts.

There’s just something about watching a squirrel, hamster, or chipmunk fill its cheeks with food. Those round faces, those big eyes, and that never-ending hunger for more and more nuts is just hypnotizingly adorable.

And if you’ve ever lamented your own lack of expandable, nut-filled cheeks before, now’s the time to change that with a squirrel, hamster, or chipmunk face bag.

▼ D’aww look at their little mouths and tiny whiskers
and puffy cheeks and – I just wanna squeeze ’em!

squirrel bags (3)

These little guys are part of the “parent and child cheek pouch” collection put out by YOU+MORE! at the Japanese retailer Felissimo. Each month, a different designed pouch gets sent to you in the mail until you have them all.

Here’s the rest of the “puffy cheeks” roundup:

▼ There’s the scrumptious little squirrels…

squirrel bags (8)

▼ The happy little hamsters…

squirrel bags (7)

▼ The chubby little chipmunks…

squirrel bags (6)

▼ And the mischievous little mice!

squirrel bags (1)

▼ And those cheeks sure can stretch! Don’t be afraid to fill up your bag
with more nuts than you ever thought possible.

squirrel bags (5)

▼ And just in case you can’t get enough of putting things inside other things,
each design has a smaller matching purse available as well.

squirrel bags (2)

If you’re ready to tote around an adorable, wide-cheeked face of your own, then head over to Felissimo to sign up for the pouch bag or small purse monthly collection if you’re in Japan, or their international site for the bags and purses if you’re anywhere else.

And if just putting a puffy-cheek purse inside a puffy-cheek bag inside enough for you, might we suggest a puffy-cheek coin purse as well? Or perhaps a doge bag for the meme-lover in your life?

Source: Felissimo (1, 2) via NetLab
Images: Felissimo