The young boy is melting hearts for navigating his way back to the car while carrying his meal out of the store and into the street on a tray.

While much of our internet time is spent fawning over clips and pictures of cute cats and pups, when it comes to our own human species, we manage to do some pretty cute things too. In Japan, one young child is winning the internet with an adorable picture that captures his triumphant return from a solo trip to McDonald’s. After telling his parents that he wanted to buy a meal from the fast food joint on his own, his relatives couldn’t help but laugh when they saw him return to the car proudly holding his food and drink on a tray.

▼ It looks like the cute youngster wanted to enjoy
the full eat-in experience at home.

The boy’s uncle, who took the photo, is actually a professional baseball player who plays for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. His Twitter account is full of hilarious photos of his young nephew, who always makes everyone smile with his crazy antics and funny personality.

▼ Here the two ham it up with a face swap.

While his nephew is known for his cheeky ways, it’s not clear why the boy’s trip to McDonald’s had him returning to the car with a tray instead of a takeout plastic bag. Captioned with a joking “Nephew – that’s a big mistake you made there”, it may have been that the child requested eat-in service or the staff member had not heard correctly; whatever the case, though, Twitter users are lovin’ it, leaving comments like:

“The look of satisfaction on his face is just too cute!”
“The tray is too much!”
“Imagine the looks he would’ve gotten from people on the way back to the car”
“I’m sorry – that’s not the way we do takeout!”
“There’s no way you could scold a child for doing something that cute!”
“This is a great way to give out ‘free smiles’ – the company should use this as part of their ‘smile for zero yen’ campaign.”

Having received more than 80,000 likes over the course of just one day, the proud boy is continuing to bring joy to people around the world, all with one picture. We hope he and his uncle continue to share more of their funny photos with us all in the future!

Source: Curazy
Top Image: Twitter/@hayato_arakaki