If you really want to know if someone’s going to chase you for love, ask if you can take a quick peek at their fingers.

It’s the age-old question: Are they really into you? How do you know if they’re the type to pursue or the type to lay back and wait? Studies suggest all you need is a look at their fingers in order to not only tell their approach to romance, but also some insight into their personality.

Scientists discovered years ago that it may be possible to tell how much testosterone you were exposed to prenatally by looking at the ratio of your ring finger and index finger. If your ring finger is longer, you probably saw more testosterone in the womb than someone whose index finger is longer. What’s becoming popular on social media now is the realization that this could have some insight into one’s personality and romantic approach.

Steak meal with vegetables

In Japan, “the pursuers” and “the pursued” are typically divided into two respective categories: nikushokukei, or meat eaters; and soushokukei, or vegetariansNikushokukei individuals are seen as more assertive and persistent in their approach, while soushokukei types are more apt to lay back and wait. But, what if your ring and index fingers are the same length? Well, then you’d be a mix of the two, known in Japanese as zasshokukei, or multicolored.

▼ If your ring finger is longer…


If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you probably have some nikushokukei tendencies. This type is not only assertive in love, but also when it comes to work. They always have to be doing something. When they are involved in something, they are involved deeply. They also tend to have a logical approach to things. However, because of their assertiveness, they are apt to anger easily.

▼ If your index finger is longer…


If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you’re pegged as a soushokukei partner. Soushokukei people are more likely to wait to be approached. Their hobbies tend to be more about relaxing and enjoying their time than aggressively pursing a goal. They also tend to be more sensitive. In men, these soushokukei tendencies may make them seem more stereo-typically feminine.

▼ If both fingers are the same length…


Oh, your ring finger and index finger are the same length? Congratulations, you’re a chameleon. Zasshokukei types are free spirits. They love a good party and are involved in pretty much every social gathering you’re thinking of attending. However, they are pretty protective of their freedom, so this may make them hard to pin down as a partner. Don’t hold your chameleon back!

Which type are you? Take a look at your own hands and see if these descriptions match your character at all.

Next time you’re on a date and you’re dying to get a better clue of their romance style, I’d say it’s perfectly acceptable to ask if you can look at their hands. They won’t think it’s weird or anything. I promise!

And if the answer you got about your personality with this test left you disappointed, you can try one of these other tests instead. Scientific accuracy definitely not guaranteed!

Sources: Otakuma via livedoor News
Images: Wikimedia/Evan-Amos, Free Food Photos