Actually trying to communicate is probably the best way to get to know someone, but there are various other methods that people can use to try to learn about the personality of someone they’ve just met. Some claim that simply by observing the shape of someone’s nails, the way someone crosses their arms, or the way they style their bangs, you can make out bits and pieces of their personality.

Adding on to the never-ending list of unorthodox personality analyzing methods, we have today two simple tests that claim to be able to tell if a person is a sadist or masochist, just by observing the way they show you their hands. Which are you?

Test 1

Casually ask the test subject to show you their nails.

▼ If the person shows you their nails with the back of their hand facing up, he/she is a sadist.


▼ If the person shows you the palm of their hand with their fingers curled in, then he/she is a masochist.


It might come off weird if you suddenly ask someone to show you their nails, so you’ll want to have a few excuses in mind before you pop the question. Pairing it with the nail shape personality analysis could be killing two birds with one stone!

Test 2

Form a fist and turn it so that your thumb is facing up. Ask the test subject to place their hand on top of your fist.


▼ If the person stacks their fist on top of yours, he/she is a sadist.


▼ If the person places their hand flat-out on top of your fist, he/she is a masochist.


It is said that these two simple tests have an accuracy of 75%. But as always, take such personality tests with a good pinch of salt. Accuracy rates aside, these tests do seem like a fun way to break the ice at parties or to ease those awkward moments of silence on first dates!

Source: Zhaizhai News
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