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He isn’t just the hero that we need — he’s exactly the hero that we want!

Ultraman is billed as the everyman hero. As the story goes, the giant red and silver being crashed and killed a human being upon his arrival to Earth, and, feeling remorse, he fused his essence with the human in order to save his life. Together, Hayata and Ultraman protect the earth from all matter of monsters and aliens. The series has been so successful in Japan that these days, anyone can aspire to be Ultraman by picking a pair of his Converse shoes.

When the superhero isn’t fighting bad guys, he’s also got a softer side, willing to stand guard over some of the littlest, furriest ones on the planet and protect them as they grow up.


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Twitter user, @shlml, posted these heart-melting pictures of a kitten growing up under the watchful eye of Ultraman and we still haven’t quite recovered yet. The tiny kitten looks so peaceful that all the problems in the world just seem to disappear. According to @shlml, the kitten wasn’t doing too well when it was born, and there was a good chance it wasn’t going to make it. Thankfully, Ultraman made sure it would live a long and wonderful life. It’s too bad Ultraman doesn’t actually exist to solve all our issues. Now would be a great time for a superhero to step up.

Source & images: Twitter/@shlml (Image edited by RocketNews24)