The most hilarious moment in the video is the look on the cat’s face when it finally escapes from the box.

If there’s one thing cats can’t get enough of, it’s cardboard boxes. No matter how tiny or large the box, if it’s sitting unattended in the room, kitties will undoubtedly be drawn towards it, and for some cheeky felines, they can find themselves in over their heads as a result of their uncontrollable curiosity. That’s what happened to one cat in Japan when she let a box get the better of her, but luckily for this kitty, her sister was there to help her out. After disappearing beneath the box, this cat’s sibling claws at the cardboard, in a frantic bid to make her reappear again. When she does eventually make it out of the box, the look of feigned aloofness on the cat’s face is absolutely priceless!

At the end of the 90-second escapade, the grey munchkin who came to her sister’s rescue gets absolutely no thanks at all! Perhaps walking away without a cat fight is thanks in itself between these two sisters. Yet, that look on the once-trapped sister’s face is one we’ve seen on cats and humans before; it’s the “Did you see something happen? I didn’t see anything happen” face one pulls after stumbling up the stairs or getting a piece of clothing stuck in a closed door. Too bad it was all caught on camera, little kitty! No matter how cool you try to act, we saw what happened. And the rest of the world saw it too!

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.45.16 AM

To find out more about the two sisters, Chai and Sushi, you can visit their cute website or join their 7,300 followers on Twitter. And keep an eye on the duo’s YouTube channel for more cute videos!

Screenshots: YouTube/Festa’s Life with Cats
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