big eats

Japanese restaurant challenges diners to conquer “Mt Everest rice”

Can we defeat this mountainous serving of food?

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Eggslut adds a whole ass eel to a new sandwich in Japan

Ah, the joys of a Japanese summer.

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Japanese restaurant serves up the biggest sushi we’ve ever seen!

Conveyor belt sushi chain goes big with its servings.

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Meet the Mega Bento, a Japanese meal that’s heavier than a newborn baby

A surprising supermarket find is our biggest food challenge yet!

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Japan’s Morning McDonald’s menu ditches healthy for tons of volume

Nothing says “I’m lovin’ it” more than McHeart Attack.

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Tokyo restaurant challenges us with a foot of tempura, we gladly accept

Tokyo is a massive, sprawling metropolis. There are so many twisting back alleys that by the time you’ve convinced yourself you’ve seen it all, something new has popped up back at the start of your route

Presented with this limitless variety, you could easily eat at a new restaurant every single day and never go hungry. So why did we go back to Fukugawa Tsuribune just two months after our last meal there? Because like handguns in the US, one of their tempura bowls is so serious there’s a waiting period to get your hands on it.

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