MOS (Mountain Ocean, Sun) Food Services announced on the 18th that it would open all 1,400 of its MOS Burger outlets at 7:00 a.m. by the end of the year. The hamburger chain already operates 430 of its stores from that early hour and plans to progressively open the remainder at that time. McDonald’s Japan had been aggressive in the breakfast space with its “Morning Mac” campaign, and MOS Burger’s move is expected to intensify competition. At a press conference MOS President and CEO Atsushi Sakurada explained that the number of people eating breakfast out was increasing, especially among the elderly and working women, adding, “Change in the morning person market is accelerating. I want to strengthen our preparedness.”

Could this mean additional woes for an already troubled McDonald’s Japan?

MOS started trialing a morning menu at 49 of its outlets this February. Items include a breakfast set consisting of an egg rice burger, miso soup and pickled vegetables (380 yen), and five different types of pancakes at 190 yen each. The chain plans to introduce its morning menu at other stores from this point on.

Additionally, for the first time in six years, the company will make changes to its signature MOS Hamburger and other menu items, with the new offerings being available from the 23rd. To date MOS has used a mixture of minced pork and beef for its burger patties; however, from the 23rd it will use 100% Australian beef. It is also making changes to its burger sauce, strengthening seasonings to produce a richer more robust flavor profile.

Source: Vippers