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Nothing says you’ve touched the heart of the internet better than being cosplayed.

Last year, at Comiket 89, we saw some suave and stylish Pokémon cosplay take center stage. But this year, at Comiket 90, thanks to Pokémon’s recent explosion of popularity due to Pokémon GO, cosplay based around the mobile game was everywhere!

▼ A whole augmented reality cosplay!
Now if only that PokéBall face was a little less creepy….

pokemon cosplay 02

▼ Oh sweet, a PokéStop! I can get some PokéBalls and- oh.
Well, at least this one will hopefully not charge you for any items.

pokemon cosplay 01

▼ He wasn’t the only one with that idea.
PokéStop cosplay was everywhere to be found.

▼ That poor Squirtle and Pikachu. But with so many
Pokémon GO players around, it was to be expected….


▼ Gym Leader Brock representing Team Valor.


▼ The trainers from Pokémon GO were another popular choice, and you can become one yourself too with the outfits available online.

▼ Exeggutor’s much-ridiculed Alola form from the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon games was also spotted taking a rest from walking around top-heavy all day.

pokemon cosplay 05

▼ The sign these guys are holding claims that they’re
in their Alola forms too, but we’re a little skeptical….

pokemon cosplay 04

▼ Is that really a Geodude on the left? (And a Kodama from Princess Mononoke?)
Man, these Alola forms just get weirder and weirder….

pokemon cosplay 03

▼ “Hey, you. Yeah, you! You lookin’ for a Pikachu? We’re lookin’ for a trainer so, uh, why don’t we do some business together? Hey, wait! Can you at least spare a Rare Candy?”

▼ And lastly a Pikachu that was very popular for some reason.

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Images: ©RocketNews24
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