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Magnetic notices convey a very important message about your cats for when you’re not there to speak for them.

Nine times out of ten, Japanese lifestyle brand Felissimo keeps the atmosphere pretty light in its variety of feline-themed products. This is, after all, the same company that makes simulated cat-cuddling T-shirts and pullovers with attached kitty ears and tails.

And yes, Felissimo’s newest offerings feature cute cat illustrations. However, the heart-warming artwork will also serve a purpose in the event of some very serious situations.

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Felissimo has just started selling a three-piece bundle for cat owners, which includes a magnetic placard that you can stick on your door to let visitors know that you’ve got a kitty in the home. Curiosity-filled creatures that they are, cats have a tendency to make a break for the outside world whenever they see an opportunity, so the sign serves as a reminder for guests to be careful when opening the door, so as not to let your pet slip out.

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But there’s another card included in the set with an even more critical message. This blue notice reads “In case of emergency, please save my cat(s),” informing rescue services of your pets’ presence should a fire, earthquake, or other calamity befall your home while you’re away. There’s also a spot at the beginning of the cat’s speech bubble for you to write in the number of feline housemates you have, so that they’ll know how many animals to account for.

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Most sobering, though, is the set’s rescue card.

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Whereas the magnetic door card is to keep your pets safe should something happen to your home, this card is to keep them safe if something happens to you. On the front, there’s a blank space in which to write your cat’s name, and the back is for listing detailed information such as the cat’s age, regular veterinary clinic, most recent shots, and emergency contact. That way, should you meet with an accident that renders you unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate, your rescuers will still know that your pets need caring for, and have a place to start figuring out just what sort of care they need.

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The entire set can be ordered domestically online direct from Felissimo here, priced at 915 yen (US$8.90).

Source: IT Media
Top image: Felissimo (edited by RocketNews24)
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